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April 5 Pharrell Williams

What happened on April 5?

Musician Pharrell Williams (*1973) was born in Virginia Beach on this wonderful day, hurray!

He cuts the birthday cake with lovely actress Bette Davis (*1908).

If you’re watching their music videos or movies on a computer, it’s very likely you are able to see them thanks to the technology of Nvidia. This technology giant was established in 1993.

In 1874, there were no such things as computers or electronic graphics. Back in those times, you simply went to the theatre or opera house to see your favorite artists perform.
Like Johann Strauss, whose opera “Die Fledermaus” (“The Bat”) premiered in Vienna.

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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What happened on April 5?

Birthdays April 5

Pharrell Williams
Bette Davis

Events April 5

Johann Strauss’ opera “Die Fledermaus” premiered in Vienna

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