December 15

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The Emperors Groove Release Disney

What happened on December 15?

Disney released The Emperor’s New Groove on the same groovy day in 2000 as French architect Gustave Eiffel (*1832) was born for greatness. He enjoyed life as it was, but desperately needed a tower in it. You know the rest of the story…

A true piece of art, that tower of his.
Fellow architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (*1928) added some fabulous masterpieces in his life, too. And how about Brazil’s very own maestro Oscar Niemeyer (*1907)?
What a trio.

And as if that were not constructive enough, here’s one more trio for you!
Actors Adam Brody (*1979), Stuart Townsend (*1972), and Don Johnson (*1949) enter the room with some bubbles to celebrate.

Industrialist J. Paul Getty (*1892), leaning back in his grand armchair, delightfully nods at physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel (*1852), signaling it’s time to bring in the birthday cake!

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