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First Volume Oxford English Dictionary Publication

What happened on February 1?

February starts with a shout-out to Great-Britain, where the first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published in 1884.

Certainly use it to perfect your writing skills. A luxury Dutch adventurer Jacob Roggeveen (*1659) did not have when writing his travel journal whilst exploring the world’s oceans.
He managed pretty well though. So if you’re Dutch, you might not be in need of a dictionary.

In modern times we have a new sort of luxury: spelling checks and auto-correct
on a computer screen. And when we talk computer screen, we talk Dell.
This American IT giant was established in 1984.

Two other American giants celebrate their birthdays today; actor Michael C. Hall (*1971)
and UFC fighter Ronda Rousey (*1987)

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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Birthdays & events January 1

What happened on February 1?

Birthdays February 1

Jacob Roggeveen
Michael C. Hall
Ronda Rousey

Events February 1

The first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published

Companies founded February 1


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