February 29

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Tokyo Skytree Became the Tallest Tower in the World

What happened on February 29?

Today we celebrate the birth of 3 great minds!

Inventor Herman Hollerith (*1860) was the forefather of automation. His punched card tabulating machine made it possible to process data in batch. Fascinating.

A man who lets you automate your thoughts and mind is motivational speaker and coach Tony Robbins (*1960). His written and spoken words have impacted millions of lives around the globe already and he continues to do so tirelessly.

And rapper Ja Rule (*1976) automated his lyrics in a way that he just came up with one hit song after the other.

In his days, Gioachino Rossini (*1792) was scoring one hit composition after the other, too. And how about American sculptress Augusta Savage (*1892)? Incredible works!

Individual masterworks are stunning, but also collective works can be breathtaking.
Take the Tokyo Skytree, for example. This incredible building became the world’s tallest tower in 2012.

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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What happened on February 29?

Birthdays February 29

Herman Hollerith
Tony Robbins
Gioachino Rossini
Augusta Savage
Ja Rule

Events February 29

The Tokyo Skytree became the world’s tallest tower

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