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Astronaut Eileen Collins Became First Woman to Pilot a Space Shuttle

What happened on February 3?

A galactic start of this day. We celebrate astronaut Eileen Collins become the first woman to pilot a Space Shuttle in 1995!

Maybe she met some friends from Russian national airline Aeroflot along the way. Established in 1923 and still operational, it is one of the oldest serving airlines around.

A guy able to lift you up on any dance floor, at home or at a festival, is American DJ, producer and birthday-boy Markus Schulz (*1975).

A few years earlier, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (*1809) was the one driving the crowd ecstatic in concert halls.
Another example of crowd-raver is Daddy Yankee (*1977), who adds a bit of Puerto Rican flavour into today’s musical mix.

If only writer Gertrude Stein (*1874) could see this collection of names.
She invented the term ‘lost generation’, describing a group of famous American writers in the era between the world wars. Lost lives due to war, as well as lost illusions.
Make sure to be kind to each other, folks!

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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What happened on February 3?

Birthdays February 3

Markus Schulz
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Daddy Yankee
Gertrude Stein

Events February 3

Eileen Collins become the first woman to pilot a Space Shuttle

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