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Movie Peter Pan Release Disney

What happened on February 5?

Peter Pan, one of Disney’s all-time classics, celebrates its release on 1953 today.
Captains with hooks, fairies, ships… this story has it all!

A museum that (almost) has it all is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The Hermitage Museum opened its doors to the public in 1852. It is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world. If you haven’t been there yet, add it to your bucket list.

Another bucket-list item for many of us is a visit to the Allianz Arena in Munich, home to Bayern Munich football club. And named after Germany’s major insurance company – Allianz, founded in 1890.

They claim you can get insured for anything. But we’d really like to test that by having them insure Brazilian football magician Neymar (*1992).
And throw in some insurance for Cristiano Ronaldo (*1985) too, while you’re at it.
Both seem to suffer from invisible legs on the pitch and fall to the ground much of the time.
Their technical skills are stellar and lovely, nothing less. Yet it seems football players born on this day share a little love for acting as well.

Getting inspired is so much fun.
Explore your favorite item from the above #ads and bring your nostalgic feelings to life!

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What happened on February 5?

Birthdays February 5

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Events February 5

Disney’s Peter Pan release
The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, was opened

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