January 26

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The Rocky Mountain National Park Established

What happened on January 26?

“Nature. We need to preserve Stunning Nature.”
That is what members of the U.S. congress thought when establishing
The Rocky Mountains National Park in 1915.

Stunning sights and moments come in many forms. TV host Ellen DeGeneres (*1958) experienced many of those moments with guests of her show.

Memories of incredible moments in abundance today, as we celebrate movie legend
Paul Newman (*1925), football coach Jose Mourinho (*1963) and WWE diva
Sasha Banks (*1992).

Cycling and skating along the festivities, too, we wish a happy birthday to Slovakia’s
Peter Sagan (*1990) and Canadian ice hockey icon Wayne Gretzky (*1961).

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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Birthdays & events January 1

What happened on January 26?

Birthdays January 26

Ellen DeGeneres
Paul Newman
Jose Mourinho
Sasha Banks
Peter Sagan
Wayne Gretzky

Events January 26

The Rocky Mountains National Park was established

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