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Lego Brick Design Patent

What happened on January 28?

Lego. Dream of (almost) every child. Nightmare of (almost) every parent.
Epic to build, terrible to clean up or step on with bare feet!
These famous bricks were patented on this day in 1958.

Some of the colourful work by Jackson Pollock (*1912) resembles a pile of Lego bricks thrown into open space and caught on canvas.

Lego are bricks. Legolas is an elf in ‘Lord of The Rings’.
Elijah Wood (*1981) plays Frodo in this magnificent trilogy.

Woods and jungles on Java were the places where palaeontologist Eugene Dubois (*1858) performed his research on the relation between monkeys and man. And he proved Darwin was right in his theory that mankind evolved from primates.

Something Thomas Aquinas (*1225) might have thought during his philosophic sessions.
But most likely, a Godly creature was perceived as the creator of mankind in his era.

‘Lord of the Balls’ would be a fitting nickname for legendary Italian football goalkeeper
Gianluigi Buffon (*1978). He caught shots fired from right, left and centre; flying at him from all angles.

Singapore Airlines, established in 1972, also flies from all angles. To their home base, Singapore (who would have guessed, right?).
We wonder whether they use tyres made by Pirelli (established in 1872), or a different brand.

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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What happened on January 28?

Birthdays January 28

Jackson Pollock
Elijah Wood
Eugene Dubois
Thomas Aquinas
Gianluigi Buffon

Companies founded January 28

Singapore Airlines

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