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Writer J R R Tolkien Birthday

What happened on January 3?

Oh boy, do we have an action-packed selection for you today!
And when talking action, we talk the likes of movie actor Mel Gibson (*1956) and ice hockey legend Bobby Hull (*1939). How epic would it have been to see them racing after the puck on the ice and hitting some body-checks.

Of course we can’t forget about F1 racing hero Michael Schumacher (*1969) today. He would have to stay off the ice though, not to pollute it too much.
Or Greta Thunberg (*2003) would have to give him a lesson in ‘ecology on the ice’.

What do you think was Cicero‘s (*106BC) stance towards nature and the environment?
For even in ancient Rome they surely had these discussions.

It is pretty incredible to think that only 2000 + a few years have passed since Roman emperors ruled the ‘known’ world. And that so many other worlds exist. Possibly even on surrounding planets, like Mars, to which the Mars Polar Lander was sent by NASA on this day in 1999.

And as if ‘real worlds’ aren’t enough; imaginary worlds exist in abundance too!
Who better to take us on a tour through fairytales than J. R. R. Tolkien (*1892), most famous for his epic ‘Lord of The Rings’.
For your friends that do not have the chance to read with their eyes, you should get a copy in braille today, as we celebrate World Braille Day.

Let’s end with an incredible job description: Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
George Martin (*1926) received this honourable title for his contribution to the music industry and is best know for his work as producer of The Beatles.
Now that title is another level of fanciness for your boring business card, isn’t it?

Getting inspired is so much fun.
Explore your favorite item from the above #ads and bring your nostalgic feelings to life!

What happened on January 3?

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Greta Thunberg
Bobby Hull
Michael Schumacher
J. R. R. Tolkien
George Martin
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Mars Polar Lander Launch

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World Braille Day

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