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First Transatlantic Telephone Call From London to New York Completed

What happened on January 7?

Today’s line-up of celebrations is truly fantastic!
Share this post with all your friends and family via social media, e-mail, app or telephone. Yes, telephone. It’s a thing your (grand)parents used to communicate with each other back in the day.
The first trans-atlantic telephone service was established between London and New York on this day in 1927.

Composer Francis Poulenc (*1899) was born into a world where talking through a phone line between continents was pure sci-fi.
If someone would make a futuristic movie about it, surely actor Jeremy Renner (*1971) would play the main character. Or would it be Nicolas Cage (*1964)?

Modern-day composer and DJ Hardwell (*1988) grew up in the era of the first wireless handy’s. They were huge machines at the time. Yet only three years later, when Eden Hazard (*1991) was born into this world, they were pocket-size.
A fascinating phenomenon, technology.

Where would we be without wireless communication in today’s world? Just imagine Lewis Hamilton (*1985) driving his F1 race car with a phone line to his pit crew…

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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What happened on January 7?

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The first trans-atlantic telephone service

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