March 14

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Physicist Albert Einstein Birthday

What happened on March 14?

A genius day today!
We kick off with a man famous for his theory of relativity, among many other great thoughts. Albert Einstein (*1879). Born in Germany. Embraced by the world.

Some more ‘relatively awesome’ events coming up.
How about a little Sicilian dance of happiness to celebrate the epic first part of The Godfather movie trilogy? Released on this day in 1972.
Not starring actor Michael Caine (*1933), unfortunately. But no worries, his track record is absolutely stellar even without it.

Quincy Jones (*1933), play us some merry tunes to dance to, please!

Whilst American athlete Simone Biles (*1997) jumps around the room, Dutch swimming champion Pieter van den Hoogenband (*1978) makes a circle around Sicily.

And basketball superstar Stephen Curry (*1988) slam-dunks some cocktails in the hands of the crowd from behind the bar. What a happy day!

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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Birthdays & events January 1

What happened on March 14?

Birthdays March 14

Albert Einstein
Michael Caine
Quincy Jones
Simone Biles
Pieter van den Hoogenband
Stephen Curry

Events March 14

The first part of The Godfather movie trilogy was released

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