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Inventor Alexander Graham Bell Birthday

What happened on March 3?

On this beautiful World Wildlife Day, we celebrate TIME.
Not time as such, but TIME magazine. It was first published in 1923.

An invention that saves many of us loads of time writing letters to our loved ones is the telephone. This wonderful tool was invented by birthday boy Alexander Graham Bell (*1847).

Hong Kong’s HSBC, founded in 1865, surely couldn’t imagine their business without phones.

And thanks to the evolution of telephone devices, actress Jessica Biel (*1982) and master of cakes, chef Buddy Valastro (*1977) can now share their birthdays with us via mobile. Hurray!

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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What happened on March 3?

Birthdays March 3

Alexander Graham Bell
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Events March 3

TIME magazine published for the first time

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World Wildlife Day

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