May 11

May 11 Painter Surrealist Salvador Dali Figueres Spain

What happened on May 11?

Iconic painter and surrealist Salvador Dalí (*1940) was born in Figueres, Spain. In case you haven’t visited his hometown or your local musea yet to see some of his works, make sure you check them out online at the very least. This genius is certainly worth a few of your minutes!

In case you ever wondered what the oldest book on record is, then today is your lucky day.
We travel to China, where, in the year 868, on this very day, the first copy of the
Diamond Sutra” was printed. Fascinating.

Almost as fascinating as this guy, whose name is composed of two well-known cities…
Irving (Texas, USA) Berlin (Germany, Germany). And he was born in neither of the two. Not even in one of the countries, but in… guess what: Belarus. In case you haven’t heard the works of this composing genius, it’s about time to inspire your senses today!

Getting inspired is so much fun!
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