May 12

May 12 Skateboarder Tony Hawk San Diego

What happened on May 12?

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk was born in San Diego, today in 1968.
Those who were not fortunate enough to do ‘ollies’ and ‘nollies’ alongside him on the ramps are luckily still able to play his “Pro Skater” game series. What a guy!

Also guys & legends, but without skateboards: George Carlin (*1937), Ving Rhames (*1959) and Rami Malek (*1981).

Dries van Noten might have a few sweet outfits for all of the above, as well as anyone who reads this. Be sure to check out the extravagance of this Belgian fashion designer.

His creations might be a bit too modern for the likes of Florence Nightingale, yet a well-designed dress is perfect for any occupation. Including nurses, social reformers, and statisticians. Or folks like Florence, who combine all three.

Whatever your occupation, you’ll almost always need a mobile phone. And today we celebrate the establishment of the company that created the grandmother of mobiles: Nokia. Check this: Nokia was founded in the incredible year 1865!

Only 45 years after the Italian airship “Norge”, captained by the famous Amundsen, flew over the North Pole in 1820. It was the first time a vessel crossed the Pole.

Getting inspired is so much fun!
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