May 18

May 18 Tennis Player Fred Perry Stockport

What happened on May 18?

Fred Perry (*1909) set many records in the world of tennis, what a legend! His memory lives on not only in the hearts of many tennis players but also through the Fred Perry fashion brand.

From one legend to another; today marks the world speed record for trains, which was set by a modified TGV train at an incredible 515.3 kilometres / 320.2 miles per hour.

Not sure whether Tina Fey (*1970) and John Higgins (*1975) ever took the TGV on their way to a movie set or snooker tournament. Food for thought.

“Food for thought” is something philosophers love to say, don’t they?
Not many British philosophers have reached the heights, and hence depths, of thoughts like Bertrand Russell (born today in 1872).

Getting inspired is so much fun!
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