May 19

May 19 John F Kennedy JFK Serenated Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday

What happened on May 19?

Today marks the emotional moment John F. Kennedy was serenaded by Marilyn Monroe on his birthday in 1962. Who wouldn’t melt, receiving a special birthday lullaby from her?

Only a few names come to mind, like Italian football legend Andrea Pirlo (*1979), who is always busy practicing free kicks. Or Grace Jones (*1948), whose voice would let Marilyn’s song melt before it’d hit the crowd’s ears.

We also have two younger musicians celebrating their b-day bash today: Marshmello and Sam Smith were both born today in 1992. Wouldn’t a “Happy birthday” collab by these two people be a fantastic soundtrack to kick off your day?

In case you remember Java being released from a few days ago, we now introduce you to it’s founding father: James Gosling (*1955).
For those of you who are in the mood to write something, Ruskin Bond (*1934) is your man!

And for all fans of racing cars and British engineering out there we say: Get out your party hats for the inventor of Lotus Cars, Colin Chapman (*1928).

Getting inspired is so much fun!
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