May 30

May 30 Finding Nemo Release Director Andrew Stanton

What happened on May 30?

How about a little test to see whether you are a true Finding Nemo expert?
What was the dentist’s address in Sydney? 😉

In case you need a moment to think about it, why not swing in some tunes by legendary clarinetist Benny Goodman (*1909).
In the mood yet? Then let Idina Menzel (*1971) accompany him with her soothing voice.

Or, if you’re more into swinging your foot against a football like birthday boy Steven Gerrard (*1980), go for goal whilst getting to the correct answer!

Need to refresh your memory? Get inspired by the Lincoln Memorial. This grand building was dedicated on this day in 1922.

Still in doubt? Simply recall your memory by rewatching the movie tonight.
Or play a video game created by Capcom, founded in Japan on this day in 1979.
Nothing beats an evening with a bunch of animated fish, or fighting characters.

Getting inspired is so much fun!
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