May 31

May 31 King Henry First Stone Pont Neuf Bridge Paris France

What happened on May 31?

What has even more flair and charisma than old bridges like Pont Neuf?
Movie-theatre heroes!

And boy, do we have two incredible heroes lined up for you today:
legends Clint Eastwood (*1930) and Colin Farrell (*1976) celebrate their birthdays.
In a way, one could say that great movie actors are like quality bridges: you truly appreciate them as they age.

Time for music now! Amelie Lens (*1990), spin your records.
On this beautiful day, we’d love to listen to some quality techno in Patagonia, Argentina.
Birthday boy and naturalist Francisco Moreno (*1852) is the man who studied this part of our planet thoroughly and certainly knows the best party spots.

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