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June 3

What happened on June 3? Incredible ace and tennis legend Rafael Nadal (*1986) celebrates on this beautiful day that also happens to be World Bicycle Day. Rafael’s lightning-fast serves are even visible from space; onboard the first multi-day space mission ‘Gemini 4‘. This NASA space … Read more…June 3

June 2

What happened on June 2? Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf (*1959) is a true master of his art. And If P. T. Barnum would still be alive, he would surely take Erwin on his ‘Greatest Showman’ circus tour around the US in 1835. Marquis de Sade … Read more…June 2

June 1

What happened on June 1? We bring a toast to monk John Cor, who recorded the first known batch of Scotch whisky on this day in 1495. Thank you, legend! And you, pick up the phone or app-service and give someone you know a great … Read more…June 1

May 31

What happened on May 31? What has even more flair and charisma than old bridges like Pont Neuf? Movie-theatre heroes! And boy, do we have two incredible heroes lined up for you today: legends Clint Eastwood (*1930) and Colin Farrell (*1976) celebrate their birthdays.In a … Read more…May 31

May 30

What happened on May 30? How about a little test to see whether you are a true Finding Nemo expert?What was the dentist’s address in Sydney? πŸ˜‰ In case you need a moment to think about it, why not swing in some tunes by legendary … Read more…May 30

May 29

What happened on May 29? Who hasn’t dreamed of reaching the top of the world’s most famous mountain, honestly?All the way to the top of Mount Everest. Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay become the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest on … Read more…May 29

May 28

What happened on May 28? “Bond. James Bond.” Boy, who doesn’t love the sound of that sentence?! Today marks the birthday of 007’s author: mister Ian Fleming (*1908). His stories established a brand that has generations throwing around cheesy “Shaken, not stirred” lines. You know … Read more…May 28

May 27

What happened on May 27? Very happy birthday to you, chefs Jamie Oliver (*1975) and Heston Blumenthal (*1966). You are the idols of many housewives & housemen! Honestly who can resist both their charisma and fabulous recipes, honestly? It’s about time we don’t only think … Read more…May 27

May 26

What happened on May 26? A true Vampire masterpiece, the story of Dracula. Without this legendary novel, released today in 1897, all the Twilights and Buffy’s possibly wouldn’t even have seen the light of day (pun intended). What do you love more: classic or modern … Read more…May 26

May 25

What happened on May 25? Wars are terrible. Yet that does not go for the legendary “Star Wars“, does it? What an epic series of cinematic adventures! And to think that the first Star Wars movie was released today in 1977 is simply incredible, right? … Read more…May 25